Welcome to the online store of BDP Frio
Our goal as a professional temperature controlled systems, is to facilitate the purchase of products and services related to managing the cold both companies and individuals.

Our extensive experience in the cold chain for our products and services an ideal solution for needs such as:


  •      shipments of food samples, health and pharmacy
  •      industrial applications (industrial machinery or cleaning building facades)
  •      manufacturing processes with thermal requirements (eg wine industry)
  •      laboratory applications (clinical analysis, special transport, etc ...)
  •      analysis of climatic chambers
  •      supplies via internet products requiring controlled temperature
  •      fresh, frozen
  •      marketing actions and campaigns
  •      Presentation of products at trade shows and samplings
  •      conduct of parties and events (low fog, smoke, lasers, temperature, etc ...)
  •      etc ...

We hope you find this site the answer to your needs of cold. We thank you and offer our advice on the contact page.

BDP Frio team.